''Old Soul Love''
Christopher Poindexter

ISBN: 9781449496777 | 128 pages | 4 Mb


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Old Soul Love Christopher Poindexter
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Old Soul Love by Christopher Poindexter An Instagram poet with hundreds of thousands of followers, Christopher Poindexter presents a new poetry collection themed on love in its many forms.

OLD SOUL LOVE is a combination of new, never-before-seen poetry, mixed in with some of Christopher’s most popular Instagram pieces, all of which explore the many shapes and forms of love. Unrequited love. Platonic love. Lost love. Self-love. And, for a lucky few humans: old soul love that seems to transcend even death. 

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OLD SOUL LOVE is a combination of new, never-before-seen poetry, mixed in with some of Christopher's most popular Instagram pieces, all of which explore 
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